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    From Economic Development Commission

    Welcome to Tolland, Connecticut’s Economic Development Website.  The Economic Development Commission consists of five members and two alternates who bring to the Commission a variety of community and professional experiences.  Its members understand the needs of businesses and developers yet also incorporate their perspectives as residents and local business owners in their commitment to fostering economic growth in Tolland and attracting and maintaining businesses in town.  The EDC works with an accomplished and dedicated Town staff to promote business development and to assist new projects through every step of the Town approval process.

    Tolland is in the unique position of being conveniently located off of Interstate 84 between Boston and Hartford.  It is a town filled with historic heritage, New England village charm, a growing population and an excellent school system, all of which combine to provide ample opportunity for business growth.

    In fact, Money Magazine’s September 2011 issue picked Tolland as the 37th “Best Small Town to Live” in America.

    Indicative of Tolland’s growth and economic development aspirations are several on-going projects:  Route 195, the primary entrance route to the University of Connecticut six miles south, continues to develop as a high tech corridor, providing facilities for university knowledge and research; the expansion of Tolland Business Park, home to the corporate headquarters of numerous firms, continues; and the EDC has worked with the Planning & Zoning Commission and Town staff to develop a land use plan for the Tolland Village Area a planned Transit Oriented Development Mixed-Use Zone between I-84 and the historic Tolland Green.  In addition, numerous locally-owned small businesses have opened in recent years, serving a population that is eager to embrace the small-business owner.

    The Economic Development Commission and the staff of the Town of Tolland are committed to assisting both small and large businesses in their development or relocation to Tolland.  We encourage you to please contact us to discuss how we can assist you.

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    Tolland is the healthiest county in Connecticut. A set of reports by the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation ranks the health of nearly every county in the nation and shows that much of what affects health occurs outside of the doctor’s office. The County Health Rankings confirms the critical role that factors such as education, jobs, income, and environment play in how healthy people are and how long they live. This online review allows users to compare the overall health of their counties against other counties in their state, and also compare their performance on specific health factors against national benchmarks of top-performing counties. Published online at www.countyhealthrankings.org.