Speed Trailers

During the upcoming months, you may see a speed trailer in your neighborhood. MPH speed trailers promote traffic safety by controlling speeding in a way that is informative but not intimidating. Speed trailers are an excellent choice for law enforcement to control traffic speeds without requiring the presence of an officer.

Portable MPH speed trailers visually display drivers’ real-time speeds compared to the speed limit. These devices may be effective in reducing speeds and increasing awareness of local speed limits.  Speed trailers are best used in residential areas. Speed trailers will be placed in locations where they do not block pedestrians, bicyclists, motor vehicle traffic or other vital traffic control signs.

In some cases, back-up speed enforcement by officers may be needed when radar speed trailers are used. If a driver fails to slow when the sign tells them that they are violating the law, an officer may stop the driver. The officer may choose to use the time to educate the driver with a warning, but a flagrant speeder needs to receive a ticket to reinforce the safety message. Typically, officers do not issue tickets based on the speed on the display unit. Instead, they use certified radar equipment if they are monitoring speed at the location.

If you have any questions or would like to request a speed trailer in your neighborhood, you may contact the Administrative Trooper Kevin Eklund at 860-875-8911.