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1. Comment: My neighbor on the corner of North River Drive and Tolland Stage Road has several chickens, roosters and guinea hens. The are extremely loud all hours of the day and night. Is there a town law as to how many birds/foul you can have per acre? They are constantly out roaming and are in our yard all the time.  I get home from work and they are on my deck.  Please let me know what can be done.  Thank you.

Town’s Response: The Town’s Zoning Regulations concerning the keeping of birds and livestock are as follows:

1. In Tolland, you can have Livestock if your property is at least 2 acres in size.  We do not regulate the number of actual birds or animals.  Any structure housing livestock or any paddock that cannot support vegetation must be set back from all property lines a minimum of 75’.

2. “Small stock”, which includes sheep, goats and poultry, may be kept on property containing 1.25 acres or more with Special Permit approval.

3. We do permit chickens on property at least 0.50 acres in size.  No more than six chickens are permitted and roosters are strictly prohibited.  A Zoning Permit is required.

2. Comment: Curious why the last 4 meetings of the Zoning Board of Appeals have been canceled.  Was it just for lack of business?

Town’s Response: The last four meetings of the Zoning Board of Appeals have been cancelled because we have not had any applications and ZBA only meets when they have applications to handle.

3. Comment: I am wondering why Winterbourne View was not included in the storm drain replacement and paving?  I noticed that Avebury which is a much newer street is being done.  Our street is loaded with cracks and depressions.

Town’s Response: Main roads such as Kate Lane, Woodhenge Drive and Avebury Lane are on the schedule for road repair this year.  Secondary roads such as Kim Circle, Marlboro Glade, Ryan Road, Ruops Road, Stepahnie Lane and Winterbourne View will be on the schedule for road repairs over the next two years.

4. Comment: When returning home from work, I often find Merrow Road backed up from Route 74 back to Old Post Road. Many drivers bypass this line using Tolland Green between Old Post Road and further contribute to the backup.

One thought I had would be to either alter Tolland Green to be one way (north or south) either full-time or temporarily (e.g. from 4 pm to 6 pm M-F) to help alleviate traffic. I don’t think this would cause much of an inconvenience to those homes on the road and may even be desirable, as there would be less traffic.

Is this something the town has considered?

Town’s Response: Thank you for taking the time to write. There is an on-going Route 195 Corridor Study looking at, amongst other things, traffic on Route 195. Route 195 being a state road makes it unlikely that it would be made one way as an option to alleviating traffic.

The Route 195 Corridor Study Committee information can be found on the CRCOG website (click here) and on the Town’s website (click here).

5Comment:  Bulk waste is only picked up once a month. What can be done about people who put piles of stuff out at the road weeks before the pickup date? It is unsightly and can be a hazard if it blows into the road. I don’t know if people just don’t read the waste pickup information or they just don’t care. Is there any regulation concerning this problem? If not, there should be one.

Town’s Response: At this time we are working on revising the town’s Solid Waste Regulations which will address this issue and help with enforcement. We will continue with our efforts to get the word out on how the program works and when you should place your waste at the curb. To date we have had information on the website, within the Solid Waste Disposal Guide that was issued with the new rolling totes, in newspapers, and in the Tolland Monthly. Recently an e-mail was sent through the town’s e-mail subscriber service to remind residents of the importance of placing bulky waste items at the curb as close to the date of the scheduled pick-up as possible. If residents are aware of violators of this policy, they can let us know and we will have a notice delivered to the household informing them of the concern.

. Comment:  Is it permissible to build a fire pit for small camp fires?

Town’s Response:  This answer was received from the Fire Marshal - First, it depends on what type of residence you are in whether it is single family or multi-family.  If you are in a single family residence then you should check with Tolland’s Building Official who is Jim Paquin and he works in the Development Office; the main # is 860-871-3601.  You might also want to check with DEEP regarding open burning.  If you are approved for a fire pit, please remember that building debris is not allowed.  If you use a store bought fire pit, then those are fine.  If you live in a multi-family residence, then you cannot have a fire pit.  Burn permits are issued by the Fire Department for burning brush when clearing land typically for farm land.  There are certain restrictions as regulated by DEEP that include the size and diameter of the brush.  It also requires the necessity for a continuous watch with an immediate way to extinguish and control a fire.  Small barbeque type of fire pits do not need a permit.