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    Willimantic Waste uses Split Truck for Solid Waste & Recycling Pickup – The truck that Willimantic Waste now uses in Tolland for Solid Waste and Recycling is a split truck.  As

    Willimantic Waste Split Truck

    you can see from the picture, one half of the truck is for trash and the other half is for recycling.  This truck will be used in Tolland for an indefinite period of time.  Please make sure both your totes are put out the evening before your normal pickup day.  In using this truck, they are able to save time on their daily routes.

    Town sponsored metal/bulky waste pick-up will be picked up 2 times per year (no charge).  Town sponsored metal/bulky waste items will be picked up during September 2015 (week of Sept. 14th) and April 2016 (week of April 4th).  Our vendor, Willimantic Waste Paper, will do 10 additional monthly metal/bulky waste at curbside pick-ups per year with the resident being charged by the vendor $32 per pick-up for up to (4) reasonable sized items.  Reservations are not confirmed until payment is received by Willimantic Waste Paper for those months where there is a charge.  Paid reservations can only be done by calling Willimantic Waste Paper at the phone number below.  Oil pick-up at curbside has been eliminated due to environmental concerns.  Some auto parts businesses take used motor oil.  Bill’s Auto Parts is one local option.  All other procedures for bulky waste will remain the same.

    To schedule this pick-up please call (800) 286-5335 or (860) 423-4527 or go to and click on “Tolland Residents Only” to schedule your bulky waste pick-up.  Remember, you must schedule at least 4 days in advance. For a complete list of acceptable items please visit us on the web at

    General Questions Call:
    (860) 926-4695 or
    (860) 871-3600

    For Specific Pick-Up Problems Call:  (860) 926-4695

    Click here for Resident’s Guide to Solid Waste and Recycling
    (revised July 2015)

    Click here for Tolland’s Curbside Recycling Guide
    (effective September 1, 2012)

    Click here  for Revised Solid Waste/Recycling Regulations
    (effective September 11, 2012) 

    Click here for a list of Frequently Asked Questions about Tolland Revised Solid Waste and Recycling Disposal.
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    Tolland is seeing a lot of unacceptable items in the recycling stream; please do not put the following items in your blue recycling cart:

    Plastic Bags, Styrofoam and Coolers, Food Waste and Trash, Diapers, Clothing, Garden Hoses.

    Also, please do not put your recycling in plastic garbage bags, it should be put in the tote loose.  For a full listing of acceptable and unacceptable items click here.


    Changes to Solid Waste/Recycling Regulations

    The Town Council approved changes to the Solid Waste and Recycling regulations (Chapter 94) at their September 11, 2012 meeting.  Click here to view the revised regulations which are also listed below.

    -Making the 95 gallon recycling cart the standard size going forward for new carts.

    -Making the 65 gallon refuse cart the standard size going forward for new carts.

    -Limiting the number of refuse carts per household from the current (2) to only (1), but grandfathering any resident who previously purchased and currently uses (2).

    -Adding language relating to bulky waste pick-up and the ability of the months to be predetermined by the Town on an annual basis.

    As you know, the Single Stream Recycling program began on July, 1 2009.  The goal was to reduce our overall refuse costs and increase recycling.

    Electronic Waste No Longer Picked up by Willimantic Waste in Tolland

    As of January 1, 2011 certain covered electronic devices commonly referred to as “e-waste” or “electronic waste” will no longer be picked up and disposed of by Tolland’s residential refuse and recycling contractor Willimantic Waste.  These items include computers, computer monitors, printers, and televisions.  This is one provision of Connecticut’s e-waste recycling law.

    In the spring and fall Venture Crew 422 sponsors a free residential electronics recycling drop-off.  The next Electronics Recycling event is Saturday, October 17, 2015 from 9:00 am-12:00 noon at the Tolland High School.  You can also visit which will provide information on an electronics recycling facility in West Hartford.

    50 Residents Can Purchase An Additional 65 Gallon Recycling Cart

    In response to residents, we have created a program so Tolland residents can purchase at their own expense an additional 65 gallon blue recycling cart.  Currently, residents are only allowed one recycling cart.  Only 50 additional carts are available to be purchased by Tolland residents and the cost is $80.  The first 50 residents to call and place an order will receive the additional cart.  If you want an additional recycling cart you need to call our waste hauler Willimantic Waste Paper Company, Inc. directly at (800) 286-5335 or (860) 423-4527.


    STARTED JULY 1, 2009

    The Tolland Town Council has approved the implementation of Single Stream Recycling effective July 1, 2009.  This expansion of our Recycling Program will allow for all recyclable material including plastic containers numbers 1 through 7 to be placed in a blue rolling cart without having to separate out the items.  The Town will issue a blue rolling cart, similar to your trash cart, during the month of June.  The blue rolling cart will replace your current recycling bin.  The standard blue rolling cart to be provided by the Town will be 65 gallons.  Recyclables pick-up will continue to take place on your regular collection day.

    There is a maximum of two garbage (trash) rolling carts and one recycling cart per household.


    On Monday, July 2, 2007, Willimantic Waste Paper Company, Inc. (WWP) became the vendor to provide solid waste trash, recyclable and bulky waste/metal collection service for resident households in Tolland.  Resident households should use their new blue recycling cart and the green colored rolling cart for trash.  Details about the program follow below.

    The solid waste or trash collection is an automated service.  Automated trash collection is where a truck with a mechanical arm operated by the driver empties the containers, known as rolling carts, into the truck instead of workers lifting the barrels.  The driver never leaves the truck.

    WWP delivered to each resident household a new green-colored 95-gallon rolling cart for trash during the last three weeks of June 2007, prior to the start of the new automated service.  Within each cart were copies of the new collection program regulations.  Each rolling cart has been coded specifically to each Tolland household address.  The 95-gallon rolling carts are designed to handle the amount of 3 normal-size trash cans or 6 bags of trash.  Most studies show that the average family that recycles requires only one 95-gallon rolling cart for weekly trash collection service.

    Each residential customer places the rolling cart and recycling cart at the edge of their property (lawn or sidewalk) no more than 18” from the curb or roadside not more than 24 hours in advance of the designated pick up day.  Trucks will come by in the morning to dump the rolling cart into the truck for both trash and recycling.  Do not place the rolling carts in front of a car, telephone pole, or behind a mailbox.  The truck will need direct access to the cart in order for the system to work.  The blue recycling cart is to be placed next to the green rolling cart; trash containers will not be emptied unless a recycling cart is also present.  Please place the carts out prior to 6:30 a.m. on collection day or the night before, not more than 24 hours in advance of the designated pick up day.

    Only regular bagged household trash should be placed inside the rolling cart.  No construction debris or hazardous waste should be placed inside the rolling cart.

    WWP trucks are only equipped to collect what is INSIDE the rolling cart.  No trash should be placed outside of the rolling cart.  Recyclables should be placed in your recycling cart.

    Hazardous waste from the house/garage/workbench/lawn and garden may be dropped off at the Mid-NEROC Household Chemical Waste Drop-Off Facility on Hancock Road in Willington (off of Ruby Road/Route 320, or Exit 71 off of I-84), which is open the first and third Saturday of each month from mid-April through early November except holiday weekends; they may be reached at 684-3163.