Tolland Water Commission

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Tolland Water Commission Charge
To have charge of and be responsible for the layout, construction and installation, operation and use, maintenance, improvement, extension or discontinuance of, and shall have full authority and jurisdiction over, all water systems appurtenances and facilities owned by the Town of Tolland. Said Commission shall have the authority to enter into contracts with the Town of Tolland or any outside entity for the purpose of fulfilling its responsibilities as described herein. Said Commission shall have the power in the name of the Town and subject to any appropriate provisions of the Connecticut General Statutes to acquire real property or any interest therein by purchase, lease, gift, devise or condemnation, as to condemnation where fee simple interest in the property is required, as approved by the Council, necessary for or incidental to the carrying out of the powers enumerated in this section of this chapter; to set rates and fees for use of water or to connect to the system; and to assess benefits and damages in the layout of any improvements included within the scope of the powers herein granted, in such manner as hereinafter set forth.

Tolland Water Commission has 7 members

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Beverly Bellody Staff Liaison (860) 871-3611
Beverly Bellody (860) 871-3611
Kim Kowalyshyn Staff Liaison (860) 871-3680

Board Members

Name Title
Eugene Koss Chair
Vincent J. Tursi, II
Tom Rallo
Robert Evangelista
Board Vacancy
Board Vacancy Member
Board Vacancy Member
Board Vacancy Member