Firehouse Capital Improvement Project

For several years in the 5-year Capital Improvement Plan, there has been a Firehouse Improvement Capital Project that has been recommended for funding by the Town Manager when the time was right to do so.  This began under the previous Town Manager, Steve Werbner, and continued by the incumbent Town Manager.  The project is being recommended in the amount of $5,000,000 in referendum bonds, for a future referendum to be held in May 2021, and is part of the capital plan for FY2021-2022.

This project’s scope of work was designed and refined by an engineering consultant whom we engaged using capital dollars from the current year’s plan.  As part of the consultant’s mission, the firm, working with the Public Safety Department, the Department of Public Works, and the Town Manager, defined exactly what improvements this project will cover.  Broadly speaking, Fire Station 140 will be improved by fixing its crumbling foundation issue, as well as several maintenance upgrades including bringing its bathrooms and kitchen up to ADA requirements, electrical and drain work, extending service bays, and adding additional building space.  Fire Stations 340 and 440 are better suited to be demolished and replaced with pre-engineered metal buildings.  The placeholder number of $3,000,000 that had been in our capital budget plan for the past few years was too low to appropriately address the actual needs of this project. 

Click here for Firehouse Improvement Project Flyer (residents should receive mailer by 4/19/2021)

Click here for an overview of the project and its cost, a look into the history of fire department facilities, and a timeline from now until Referendum.

Click here for Pictures of the Firehouse Renderings.

Click here for a video of Tolland Fire Station Current Conditions.