Program Room Policy

The primary purpose of the Program Room at the Tolland Public Library is to provide facilities for library related activities.  The room should also be available to the community in the broadest sense and reflect the educational, cultural, social, and recreational role the library plays. The library subscribes to Article VI of the Library Bill of Rights that states facilities should be made available to the public served by the given library on an equitable basis, regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of individuals or groups. The Program Room has a maximum capacity of 66 persons.

Who May Use The Program Room:

Use of the program  room shall be governed by the following descending order of priority:

  1. The Tolland Public Library.
  2. Friends of the Tolland Public Library, Tolland Public Library Foundation, and Tolland Public Library Advisory Board.
  3. Town of Tolland.
  4. Tolland Community Organizations.
  5. Other Tolland groups.

Reservations for the use of the program room shall be on a first come first served basis. Reservations for the use of meetings shall be made in advance of the planned meeting or event using the Program Room Application Form.  Reservations may be made up to 6 months in advance of the event.

The room may not be used for private parties or individual political campaigns.

The room needs to be left as it was found in terms of cleanliness, table, and chair arrangement. 

Technology needs should be communicated to staff when the room is booked.

Local businesses may use the program room for internal business meetings, but may not make sales or charge admission.

Events must be free and open to the general public. No fees for activities held in the program room may be charged.

Fund raising events may be held by the Tolland Public Library, the Friends of the Tolland Public Library, and the Tolland Public Library Foundation.

Approved by the Tolland Library Advisory Board of Directors
January 22, 2018