Campbell Conservation Area

The Campbell Peaceful Valley Conservation Area is a 70 acre parcel of land on the west side of Hunter Road in the northwest section of Tolland. Purchased in 2003 from Beatrice and Clarence Campbell with assistance from a grant from the State of Connecticut Open Space and Watershed Land Acquisition program administered by the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection, it is a woodland area with a unique bluff and rock outcrop on the north side of the site. It abuts the Stoppleworth Conservation Area to the north. The original Campbell Farm was 85 acres and 15 acres were purchased by the Town for other uses to be determined. This 15 acre parcel is directly south of the Campbell Conservation Area and is not open to public use. It contains a small farm pond about 0.6 acres in size.

The Campbell Farm, known as “Peaceful Valley” has a pastoral setting with over 3,000 feet of frontage on Hunter Road offering a valley vista to the south. The open pasture, brook, and wet aldershrub lowlands rise steeply about 150 feet to a ridgeline of exposed ledge at an elevation of 850 feet above sea level.

From knobs on the ridgeline, one can view the Connecticut Valley to the southwest and Mt. Tom to the north. The exposed ridgeline on the property is a remnant of a historic fault line. The property is a diverse wildlife habitat and wetland, uplands and an exposed ledge. Species found include but are not limited to blue salamanders, herons, songbirds, turkeys, woodcocks, foxes, deer, bobcats, and bears.




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