Nedwied Conservation Area

The 15 acre Nedwied Conservation Area consists of 2 adjourning parcels of land with access between #106 and #116 Fox Ridge Lane and from the King Riverside Conservation Area to the south.  It is located in the southeast corner of Tolland near the Willimantic River.  This conservation area expands the connection between the Becker Conservation Area and the King Riverside Conservation Area that are part of the Willimantic River Trail running through Tolland, Coventry and Mansfield.  Visitors can continue north on to Fox Ridge Lane and then into Tolland’s River Park and Becker Conservation Area.  Crossing the bridge to the south, visitors can continue on the King Riverside Conservation area and crossing Route 195, use local roads to continue to Coventry’s Riverview Park and Mansfield’s Merrow Meadow Park and River Park.

The southern parcel is 4 acres that was obtained as subdivision set-aside in March of 2001.  It is 430 feet above sea level in its southwest corner, sloping down to 360 feet above sea level at Newcomb Brook, then increasing back up to 410 feet above sea level as the property follows the old Nedwied Road northward.  Newcomb Brook crosses this parcel twice before continuing under the 20 foot wooden bridge on the King Riverside Conservation Area, where it joins the Willimantic River.  Because of the steep slope, there will not be trails south of Newcomb Brook.

The northern parcel is 11 acres that was purchased from the Claude W. and Sandra M. Blackington Trust in June of 2015, using Town of Tolland passive open space bond funds.  The land is flat with a gradual sloping downwards towards Newcomb Brook.  There are many stone walls that form the boundaries of this parcel and also cross the interior.  There is a stone foundation along one of these walls.  Along another stone wall is a circular stone construct.

The Willimantic River Greenway was designated as an official Connecticut Greenway in 2003 by the Connecticut Greenways Council. The Willimantic River Greenway is a long-term project to link existing open spaces, to improve the existing canoe/kayak route, to protect natural resources and to extend walking trails and bike routes along the 25-mile length of the river. The Willimantic River Alliance proposed the greenway nomination to the nine towns adjacent to the river and submitted the nomination to the Greenways Council. The nine towns are Columbia, Coventry, Ellington, Lebanon, Mansfield, Stafford, Tolland, Willington, and Windham. These towns have committed to including the greenway in each town's Plan of Conservation and Development and to pursuing projects to enhance natural resources and recreation along the river.

In 2012, U.S. Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar, announced that the 21-mile Willimantic River Water Trail was designated a National Recreation Trail (NRT). The Willimantic River Alliance applied for this national recognition in cooperation with The Last Green Valley (TLGV).