Palmer Conservation Area

The Palmer Kendall Mountain Conservation Area is a 74 plus acre parcel of land on the north side of Kendall Mt. Road in the north-central section of Tolland. It was purchased in 2007 from Barbara F. Palmer and family with assistance from a grant from the State of Connecticut Open Space and Watershed Land Acquisition program administered by the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection. It is a woodland area with steep terrain and contains the top of Kendall Mountain. At 972 feet in elevation above sea level, it is the third highest point in Tolland. It has about 1,200 feet of frontage on Kendall Mt. Road. It is located in proximity to the 123 acre Schindler-Schmidt Conservation Area and other open space and conservation easement areas.

The property is in the headwaters to the Skungamaug River and has unique geological features with sweeping views from the top of Kendall Mountain. These features, along with a winding brook and dense Mt. Laurel thickets, the state flower, provides an enticing backdrop for hiking and snowshoeing.  The diverse wildlife habitat of a stream, uplands, caves, and rocky knolls is suitable for amphibians, blue herons, woodcocks, foxes, bobcats, and bears.



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