Sage Meadow Conservation Area

The Sage Meadow Conservation Area is a 23 acre property obtained in connection with the development of Sage Meadow Subdivision, an 11-lot development. It is situated east of Old Stafford Road, and north of Torry Road. The Town purchased a 2 acre lot known as Lot # 11 on August 19, 2002 from the subdivision developer and obtained a second parcel consisting of 21 acres of open field and forest land when the Tolland Planning & Zoning Commission approved this parcel as Open Space on September 4, 2002. This conservation area has frontage on Old Stafford Road but the access to the open space is via a narrow right-of-way located between #26 and #36 Sage Meadow Drive.

The Triangle (northeast section of the site closest to Sage Meadow Drive), approximately 2 acres, consists of open field, sloping south and southwest towards the meadow, with a narrow access. This area is an open field dominated by goldenrod and some emerging multiflora rose.

The East Woods is approximately 5 acres, and consists largely of red maple swamp, with some upland hardwoods. A small farm pond, approximately .25 acre in size, constructed in the 1950’s, occupies the northwest corner. This pond is the headwaters of a small tributary to Clough Brook.

The East Meadow is approximately 11, and is largely an open, level, mowed meadow, with a few isolated trees. The entire meadow has been identified as a wetland. The field is bounded on the west by Clough Brook, tributary to the Skungamaug River, and a small bordering shrub (largely alder) wetland. The entire west boundary of the meadow abutting the Clough Brook corridor is overrun with invasives consisting primarily of multiflora rose and oriental bittersweet.

The West Meadow is approximately 3 acres, and is separated from the East Meadow by Clough Brook, and its bordering shrub swamp. This is also an open meadow, identified as wetland. There is currently no practical access to this isolated meadow.

The West Woods, consists of 2 acres, with frontage on Old Stafford Road. It slopes gently from the road towards the West Meadow. It consists of successional hardwoods.


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