Weigold Conservation Area

The John H. Weigold Conservation Area is a 33 acre parcel of land. It was purchased in 2002 with assistance from a state DEEP grant. The old mill pond has become a swamp with a brook running through it and its old dam is located by the side of the road. The pond dam and spillway has been restored by the Boy Scouts. Connecting on the west is the 82 acre Tobiassen Memorial Forest owned by Joshua’s Trust. Connecting to the north is the 28 acre Auperin Conservation Area owned by the Town of Tolland.

The property is heavily forested with primarily oak, beech, and birch. Along the southern border, it has a permanent brook and a ledge rising 70 feet above the brook forming one wall of a gorge. On the western border, a vernal pool exists. Coldwater fish, wildlife, and a host of different bird species prosper along the brook, vernal pool, and swamp, and up onto the rocky ledges and upper tree canopy. The property drains to the Skungamaug River.


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