Can I put up a temporary sign?

It depends.  The Tolland Zoning Regulations specify if you can have a temporary sign, how many, what size and other requirements (see pages 159-160). Here are some of the common temporary signs in Tolland (please contact us if you have questions about these or other signs):


Businesses need to obtain a permit for a temporary sign. In most cases the Zoning Enforcement Officer can sign the permit, which allows a temporary sign to be posted for no more than 60 days per year and no more than 14 consecutive days. For example, you could put the sign out once a week for a year, place it out for a full week 8 times during the year, or place it out for 5 2-week intervals. The sign must be on the same property as the business.  A business also may place a sidewalk sign no greater than 10 feet from the primary entrance without needing a permit. The sign may only be displayed during business hours and can not be larger than 2.5 feet wide and 4 feet high.


Please refer to the Zoning Regulations or contact the Development Department.