Current Road Projects


Connecticut Water Company has completed the installation of approximately 500 feet of new water main on Merrow Road (Route 195) on Monday, October 7, 2019.  The project extends from 2 Tolland Green to 32 Merrow Road.  After going through a freeze and thaw cycle, the disturbed area shall be milled from curb to curb and repaved in the spring of 2020. 


CT DOT PROJECT 0142-0149, (updated 12/12/2019):
Intersection Improvements on Route 74 and Route 195 in the vicinity of the Tolland Green

The project has reached substantial completion status at this point.  The contractor has an active punchlist that they are continuing to work on until such time that the weather prevents them from working.  Any items not completed at this time will be addressed in the spring of 2020.

CLICK HERE to see a map showing the Phases of the project.


The project consists of drainage improvements, intersection realignments at Old Stafford Road and Route 74, Route 74 and Route 195, as well as Old Post Road and Route 195.  Along with realignment at Route 195 and Old Post Road the intersection will receive new traffic signal equipment. 

DOT Project No. 0142-0149 was awarded to B & W Paving and Landscaping, LLC, on June 26, 2018, at a cost of $2,410,878.35 and is scheduled to be completed October 30, 2019.  This project is administered by the Office of Construction – District 1, Rocky Hill.

  • You can view an updated (as of 8/23/2018) general depiction of the project here.
  • To view the detailed engineering plans, click here (please note that these plans do not include any addendums). 
  • To view the landscaping plans, click here
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The Town of Tolland has been awarded a LOTCIP (Local Transportation Capital Improvement Program) Grant, through the State of Connecticut, Department of Transportation, in the amount of two million one hundred eight thousand six hundred dollars ($2,108,600.00) for the reconstruction of Old Cathole Road. The following is an overview of the project and its anticipated schedule:

Project Summary

Old Cathole Road is a collector road generally running north-south between Tolland Stage Road and Rhodes Road which is critical to providing direct access to the High School, Middle School, and Town tennis courts, and indirect access to the Birch Grove Primary School and the Cross Farms Recreation Complex. As one of the few crossings over I‐84, the corridor is also used by local and regional travelers as a convenient alternative route to the Route 195 retail area.

Old Cathole Road is generally deteriorated with poor pavement conditions including cracking, and rutting.  The proposed reconstruction project will include the following focus areas:

  • Improve pavement conditions through the corridor with the anticipated full depth reconstruction of the existing roadway.
  • Improve safety for all users by providing roadway widening to increase shoulder widths and provide a more consistent corridor.
  • Replacement and expansion of portions of the storm drainage system. 
  • The Town has awarded the bid and we expect construction to start this spring.  There will be some tree removal taking place in January, weather permitting, in preparation for the start of the project.  The Town skimcoated over the existing surface on Old Cathole Road from Route 74 up until 1,000 feet beyond the Tolland High School driveway, just as a temporary measure to hold the road together until springtime.