Town Charter / Charter Revision Commission

A Town Charter establishes the Town and includes its boundaries. The charter also includes the Town’s form of government, elected and administrative officials and municipal elections. It outlines the handling of public services and deals with financial matters, such as the power to tax and to incur debt and bond. The Charter contains information regarding the town's boards, commissions and committees. It addresses charter amendments and other issues dealing with how a municipality operates.

Charters are not static documents, but can change when necessary. Amendments to the charter result in minor changes, but making major changes means the Town must revise its charter. For example, the municipality might desire to change from one form of government to another, such as Council/Manager to Mayor/Council. Depending on state law, it might establish a Charter Commission, which drafts potential revisions.

At the August 8, 2017 Town Council meeting it was voted to create a Charter Revision Commission to revise and update the Town Charter.