Black Bear Sightings Around Town

The Tolland Animal Control Department has been receiving an increase in reports of Black Bear sightings around town. To date, none of these animals have caused extra concern or have been aggressive with people or pets. If you see one of these wonderful animals making their way through your lawn, feel free to take a moment to enjoy the sight from a safe distance.

To deter bears from being on your property, keep all garbage in closed containers, do not put food out in compost piles, put away bird feeders, do not leave pet food outdoors, and do not leave small animals outside unattended. You may hang wind chimes, use car alarm panic buttons, or bang metal objects to frighten them away.

For more information on Black Bears in CT, please visit the CT DEEP Website.

If a resident witnesses any animal acting aggressively towards either a human or a companion animal, please contact Tolland Animal Control at 860-871-3676.