Forms & Permits

When applying for a permit, documentation should be presented with your application detailing the nature and extent of the work, with sufficient clarity showing that the work will conform to the building code and all other laws, ordinances, rules, and regulations as determined by the Building Official. Please contact James Paquin, Building Official for the Town of Tolland if you have any other questions.

A Guide to Building in Tolland
Survey and As-Built Requirements for Residential Accessory Structures and Additions

Building Permit Fees

Building Permit Fees


Online Permit Center

Please note, not all permits are available online. If you do not see your permit type listed, you will need to come in the office to complete your application. You may contact the Building Department at (860) 871-3601 if you have any questions.

Downloadble Forms
Building and Zoning Permit
Electrical Permit
Mechanical Permit
Plumbing Permit

Public Health Review by Eastern Highlands Health District - Many applications require a public health review. Please review the requirements and ask of if you have questions.

Contractor licenses are obtained through the State of Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection.


Home Owners Authorization Form
Concrete Information Form

Workers Compensation Waivers
Directions for Forms 7A-C

Form 7A – for the Sole Proprietor or Property Owner who WILL NOT act as General Contractor or Principal Employer
Form 7B – for the Sole Proprietor or Property Owner who WILL act as General Contractor or Principal Employer
Form 7C – for the General Contractor or Principal Employer who has chosen to be EXCLUDED from Coverage


Special Events
A Special Events permit needs to be submitted 4 weeks prior to the event.

Special Event Permit Application
If food is to be prepared on site or food trucks will be present at the event, Eastern Highlands Health District should be contacted immediately to see if a Temporary Food License will be necessary. Follow link for EHHD contact information and Temporary Food Service Information: Eastern Highlands Health District