Historic District Commission


  • To hear and decide applications for certificates of appropriateness.
  • To hear and decide applications to vary or modify strict adherence to the requirements of this chapter.
  • To designate application forms and procedure and to set an application fee not to exceed the costs of publication of necessary legal notices.
  • To make periodic reports to the legislative body.
  • To provide information to property owners and others involving the preservation of the district.To suggest pertinent legislation.
  • To initiate planning and zoning proposals.
  • To cooperate with other regulatory agencies and civic organizations and groups interested in historic preservation.
  • To comment on all applications for zoning variances and special exceptions where they affect historic districts.
  • To render advice only on sidewalk construction and repair, tree planting, street improvements, storm drainage devices, curbs, street parking and traffic flow.
  • To furnish information and advisory assistance in connection with any capital improvements programs involving the Historic District that is not otherwise subject to this chapter.
  • To consult with groups of experts.
  • To exercise any other powers granted to historic district commissions pursuant to the Connecticut General Statutes, §7-147a through 7-147k, not inconsistent with the terms of this chapter.

The Historic District Commission meets on an as-needed basis in the Hicks Memorial Municipal Center at 21 Tolland Green.

Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Kim Kowalyshyn (860) 871-3680
Lynn Bielawiec (860) 871-3662

Board Members

Name Title
Jodie Coleman-Marzialo Chair
Jonathan H. Gould Vice Chair
Kathleen W. Bach Member
Ann Deegan Member
Timothy Malone Member
Rodney Hurtuk Alternate
Morgan Mariah Bumps Alternate
Craig Surber Alternate