Charge of the Conservation Commission

A. Shall conduct research with the utilization and possible utilization of land areas of the Town of Tolland.

B. Shall keep, update and maintain an index of all open areas, publicly or privately owned, including open marshlands swamps and other wetlands areas.

C. Shall be granted the opportunity to review proposals and make recommendations on appropriate land use as it relates to Conservation Commission goals and objectives. Town boards and commissions may refer issues to the Conservation Commission for comments and the commission may request referrals. If the Conservation Commission deems the proposal or referral of significance to its goals, it may choose to comments.

D. Shall develop conservation education programs for the Tolland community.

E. Shall serve as an active participant in grant writing activities. With prior approval of Town Council it may pursue state, federal, or other types of grants, which are consistent with furthering Conservation Commission goals.

F. It may explore cooperative relationships with area land trusts and other conservation organizations and foster any activity in Town where information concerning land trusts is made available to Town landowners.

G. For parcels purchased or donated as permanently protected conservation land, the Conservation Commission shall:

  • Be considered the Council’s conservation advisory commission and assume oversight responsibility for the aforementioned.
  • Defer the establishment of the use classification for newly acquired parcels until a survey/use plan can be created.
  • Survey each parcel added to the inventory and categorize each by type, uniqueness, damage sensitivity, connectivity, management needs, and use elasticity.
  • Define each parcel’s best potential use(s) and/or activity level and recommend a use and management plan to the Council.
  • Designate an organization to provide training and assistance to property stewards in the implementation of approved management plans.
  • Recommend potential stewardship arrangements or other means of implementation of each parcel’s specific use and management plan to the Council.
  • Appoint a head steward from the designated organization every two years, taking into consideration the recommendation of the existing property stewards in accordance with the open space management guidelines and process no later than the 30th day of January of even-numbered years.
  • Coordinate all work done by the designated organization according to the approved management plan and implementation schedule.
  • Report periodically on the overall Plan of Conservation and actions taken to achieve charge goals.

H. For all other municipal use open space land acquired by the Town, the Conservation Commission shall be encouraged to review all such parcels to determine if any potential areas exist which fit the greenways or conservation plans and may merit special attention, treatment or management.

I. For all development and subdivision proposals, the Conservation Commission shall be encouraged to provide input for consideration prior to any decisions as to open space acceptance or payments in lieu of arrangements.

J. Other powers and duties consistent with CGS §7-131a may be assigned to this Commission by the Town Council.